Since Alchemy’s inception in 2003, the company’s dynamic activities include all aspect of minerals resources – Trade, Value Adding and Exporting. These activities vastly contributed to Sri Lanka’s economy at both micro and macro level. ALCHEMY HEAVY METALS LTD is the only company from the private sector engaged in heavy mineral sands processing in Sri Lanka. The company began its operations in 2003 with the assistance of overseas experts consisted of 30 team members. In 2005, the company successfully made a smooth transition to skilled Sri Lankan work force trained by the overseas experts.

The Company is part of a Group of Companies in mineral processing, gem exporting, ceramics and hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. It continues to explore avenues of growth in the industry utilizing local talents and natural resources while contributing to the overall economy. Alchemy endeavor’s to be the pioneer in the industry growth whilst maintaining eco-friendly atmosphere.




“To pioneer Sri Lankan minerals resources industry by adding value through process improvements”


“To strengthen mineral resources industry to provide utmost benefits to all our stakeholders and to the entire Sri Lankan population”

GOAL 1: Export Revenue – Add value by processing Heavy Mineral Sand in Sri Lanka to generate higher export revenue and reinvest in the minerals resources industry.

GOAL 2: Utilising local Resources - By using local materials, services and labour to make best use of export revenue through maximum retention of export dollar within Sri Lanka.

GOAL 3: Launching and Maintaining a Global Image- Establishing and furtherance of Sri Lankan image as a major competitor in the Mineral Resources industry in the global market.

GOAL 4: Technologically Advanced Sophisticated Mineral Processing Equipment –Attract expertise, know- how and technology from best practicing mining and processing countries.

GOAL 5: Excellent Corporate Citizen- Establish a reputation by adhering to best practicing corporate governance guidelines, transparent, accountable and responsible corporation, in order to a secure and maintain a strong position in the Colombo Stock Exchange.


We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of experts that manages our resources in the most efficient manner. Our experts are divided into various teams like mining engineers, sales & marketing professionals, procuring agents, quality analysts and administrative department. This ensures that all the aspects of our business are handled proficiently. In order to update the knowledge & skill levels of our workforce, we conduct regular training sessions.

Our mining engineers are highly qualified and experienced master graduates in Geology & Chemistry. They ensure that the raw material being extracted from the mines is of superior quality. Our procuring agents have complete product knowledge, which helps them in effectively locating and dealing with the vendors. This ensures that our overall expenses are minimized and we are able to manufacture exactly as per the client requirements. Our marketing & sales team work closely with the clients and ensure that all their needs & requirements are fulfilled. All our other team members are experts in their respective field and ensure that all our processes are complying with the set parameters.