Firstly, the environmental impacts of this industry are insignificant to the atmosphere and the general Public. The key issue of soil erosion due to extraction of mineral resources from the Eastern Costal belt is resolved with replenishment of beach sand from the tidal waves and sea current from the deep sea. Further studies have ensured that the sand mining within Eastern coastal zones does not contribute to unacceptable levels of coastal/ soil erosion.

Secondly, the mineral processing plants located in Dambulla adhere to all safety standards stipulated by the Government Authorities. The waste sand is used for land filling to reduce impact on the environment and is also used in construction industry. Possible issues that could arise from mining and processing of mineral sands at the beaches and measures adopted to minimise the environment impacts are outlined briefly below:

Possible issues Impact Mitigating strategy
a. Extraction of sand from beaches Beach soil erosion As the Eastern Coastal line is on the Bay of Bengal, soil refill will occur within shorter cycle period.
b. Extraction of fresh water from the land of plant location Possible water reduction within such area Water recycled according to acceptable standards.
c. Waste water discharge Environmental issues and pollution of water basins Recycling of water and water purification before re-using.
d. Solid material waste dumping During windy season Dust/air pollution Water spraying / blanketing according
to acceptable standards.